Jan. 23rd, 2008

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It's been a long time since I posted, but life is just going on, the way it tends to. My grades this term were very good, I would've made the dean's list if I hadn't taken the incomplete in one class. Oh well, still a nice bump to the GPA, and I'm still almost done. My classes this term seem interesting, even if I'll be writing up a storm in the leadup to graduation, finishing all these final papers.

I'm still doing Weight Watchers, doing quite well so far. Since I started, I've lost 12.6 pounds, which reflects itself in pants that fit again. Yay! I'm going to the gym four days a week (not today, since the time of the month dictates that today I will stay at home in front of a heater), and have been very gradually getting a little bit stronger. When we move, I would like to be able to scoff at the stairs and laugh at shlepping boxes to and fro. My more immediate goal is to be able to make the .4 mile, three story pass between my Tuesday classes in ten minutes while still being able to breathe at the end.

With the new year, my thoughts have been turning towards the inevitable move out of here. It's been very expensive to stay here the last couple of years, but I love all the space, and I love Champaign, and I will be sorry as hell to leave. And not just because I hate moving like rat poison on a cracker. I've already begun collecting boxes and storing them in the loft, and giving away bits of furniture. I'm ditching the dresser I never seem to use this weekend, one less thing to move, plus more bedroom space. If we end up in Lexington or Knoxville, both those places have active Craigslist communities, and we'll be able to pick up new pieces easier than moving them in a truck. Much as I love my 2.50 sofa, it's had a hard four years, and it is ready to go to its final reward.

I need to get myself motivated and clean the house. I don't feel like crap every day, but the house is always messy. I shouldn't be so tired that I can't just get up and work on it some. That's my next resolution. Lose weight, get in shape, clean the house. Heck of a list. Maybe I'll train the birds to help, like in Cinderella. They're the ones who make half the mess, anyway.

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