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electra310 ([personal profile] electra310) wrote2008-08-28 05:05 pm

Stay cool fool, just take it easy, that's the rule, fool...

It's been ten weeks since I updated. I took the bar exam. I won't know till October 3 how I did. This is like the yicky nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach after exams, but only magnified, because it's practically my life at stake. And in the meantime, I've gone from being a student to just being unemployed, also a scary sort of thing. I know I need to get on the ball with finding a job, but it's a little terrifying to face the idea of trying to get a job in a very tight market, knowing I'm setting myself up to make a complete fool of myself if I didn't pass the bar. And I really have no idea at all. It's very unpleasant, and we're running out of money (which we didn't actually have in the first place). In the meantime, I've picked up a refresher course in Spanish, on the theory that I should be doing something useful with my time like making myself more employable, and gotten another foster cat.

Not much else to say, except that I've been keeping busy and Mike starts school soon. We're in an Exalted tabletop with another couple, whom we are sharing dinners and gaming with on weekends. That's pretty fun, though they live a half-hour away. We just got back yesterday from a vacation in Charleston and Asheville, which was fun. I've been really bad at getting messages or answering email lately, which I know is bad. It's a little weird, sometimes I have these cocooning phases where I can hardly do anything with other people, usually relating to fear of failure or humiliation, both of which the bar exam has brought out in me. If you sent me an email in the past ten weeks or so that I've ignored, I'm sorry and please don't take it personally. I will do better, promise.

Also, I hated The Dark Knight. Went to see it on vacation, because everyone said how awesome it was. What a cliched piece of horseshit it was. Before I walked out halfway through (plus or minus the ten endings), I tried to amuse myself by whispering to Mike the TV Tropes headlines for the various tired cliches they were throwing up on the screen, but in the end The Dark Knight lost out to Susan Elizabeth Philips and I spent the rest of my afternoon much more enjoyably in the lobby. One can only see so many judges, police officers, attorneys and other civil servants tortured and murdered to prove how much we need vigilantes before you kind of get tired of it. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there. I'd like to start updating regularly again, so we'll see how it goes.

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