Feb. 23rd, 2009

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Eight weeks since I last updated, and four more weeks before that. I haven't been keeping up well. I think it's probably because this is a strange and sere time in my life, and I don't know if I want it in the chronicles I look back on later. Days run together here, turn into weeks and then months, with only grocery shopping and bills coming due to mark the time. It's been ten months since I did anything productive with myself, and I feel I've lost my identity. I'm not a law student anymore. I'm not a lawyer, though technically I am because I am licensed. I'm not a homemaker because I'm a shitty cleaner and too goddamned lazy to do more than cook and wash dishes. Reading books and writing stories, watching movies, playing video games and following politics, I can live a thousand people's lives effortlessly in this blank void. But when I look back on the story of my own life, this will be a blank page, dead time, wasted.

Right! Well, now that I've poured that self-pitying pile of shit onto the page, maybe I can write an actual update. Just a little one, mind you. It's the end of February, and it's damned cold here in Kentucky. We got snow today, though not much that's stuck. Funny how two weeks ago today Mike and I walked to the library because it was so nice out, and today he took our books back in the car because it's so cold. We have a new foster cat now, Pookah, who is a big hefty cat, but very shy. She's gotten to the point where she's out from under our bed more than she is underneath it, which is good progress. We're taking her to Saturday adoption events now. It was funny, our first post-Bellamonte foster was Heidi, who was supposed to be shy but really wasn't. She was only shy in the cage at Petsmart. I wrote her a brag sheet telling people what she was like, and she was adopted at her first event. We were surprised, especially after the four month Bellamonte ordeal. I think Pookah will be somewhere in between, and think she'll be at a few more events before she finds a home. Mike is very taken with her, but we can't afford another cat right now.

Mike's doing very well at school. He's delivered a bunch of lectures now, to widespread acclaim, and will be teaching a class on his own this summer. The people in his department are nice, and he's making a lot of friends. Tonight we went to an Oscar party and had a good time. Victoria was getting sick earlier this month, but we switched her from Wellness to Newman's Own Organic Cat Food. She really seems to like it and she's stopped puking. The birds are doing well, loud and feisty as always. They need new toys, but it's not in the budget right now so I'm compromising by switching up their food and hiding it around their cage so they're stimulated by having to look for it.

I'm actually doing a more daily sort of blog, a new thing, but the mundanity of it makes it a poor fit for a Livejournal that mainly measures in broad strokes. This one is for me to look at what I'm doing every day in terms of what I'm cooking and what I'm spending money on. It's also a good way to mark time, and there's a tangible reminder of each day's accomplishments. I like it so far. It's at electra310.blogspot.com. Feel free to stop by and have a look if you want to see pictures of what I've been cooking and read my shopping list.

Something will change soon, because it has to. I shall report back when it does.

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