Oct. 13th, 2008

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Mike's parents are coming to visit, today or possibly tomorrow, which means that it is once again time to clean up the apartment for human habitation. I am very excited because they are bringing us A CHAIR! This single easy chair that we have is one that I got for a dollar at an auction four years ago. Considering its origins, it had a good run with us, but now it is busted and dangerous and I only sit in it because it is better than the floor. If I push it up against the wall and am very careful with the exposed metal bits on the footrest, it's okay. But now we're going to have a new chair! And they're bringing their truck, so maybe, just maybe I can sweet-talk them into taking us to Ikea and getting a second chair! That would be very good.

I finally got the bill for the urgent care I got done on my hand the other week. Two hundred dollars, ouch! But I called them today and found that they'd forgotten to bill my insurance for that, and gave them the information again. If all goes well there, that should reduce our obligation to closer to 50 dollars, which I can handle. And my wounds healed quickly and cleanly after having them taken care of, so on balance I'm still glad I did it. Carle wants more cash monies from me, still, for this past winter's heart troubles, but they're going to have to wait a bit longer. When it's been two weeks since groceries, the other bills have to wait as well.

I put out my first resumes at the end of last week, cross your fingers for me. I'm really bad at applying for jobs, like pathetically bad. I do a good job once I have a job, but getting one is hell. And I need money. This weekend I get sworn into the Kentucky Bar, that will be cool at least. My parents are stopping by for a whirlwind visit to see it, before heading back to Champaign to tailgate with Allie, up from Charleston. Busy busy busy! But for now I go to clean and to dig up some lunch. I found some Thai-in-a-Box for supper, but that means saving up points for it now. Given that and the pathetic food state of the kitchen, lunch will probably be oatmeal, but with some yummy frozen peaches thrown in. That's not too bad.

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