Apr. 23rd, 2008

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The funeral was lovely, I've been editing and uploading videos for my family to see. It was good to get home, even if that's another four days down the tubes. I'm trying to stay on schedule, but it's hard, and it feels like I just keep taking punches. Today I found out that I apparently owe 722 dollars on the laptop that I was supposed to have finished paying for a year ago through my student account. Some kind of accounting mistake at the school, not my fault but apparently now it's my problem. Because the sixty thousand dollars they've bled from me in three years isn't enough, they have to go in for the coup de grace right at the end. Right when I can't get any more loans, right when I'm already looking at living off credit cards for most of the summer. Maybe I can just give them the computer back. I doubt it's even worth 722 dollars right now, it was an overpriced piece of crap to begin with and now it's three years old.

Why can't the world just cut me a fucking break and stand back to let me get through the next four weeks with the problems I already have on my plate? I'm not even asking for a reduction in current problems, though they are many, just how about a fair chance to get by?

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