Feb. 15th, 2008

electra310: (sad zoe)
I can't stop watching the news today, as information trickles in about the shooting at NIU. Virginia Tech was horrible, but I've been to NIU, had friends who went there. A lot of people from my high school go to NIU, and Mike briefly considered doing his master's work there. It's different when it's closer to home.

This morning it's coming out that it was even closer to home than I realized. The murderer was enrolled as a student here at U of I, and he bought his guns in Champaign. I don't know what quirk of his sick fuck mind had him decide to drive up to Dekalb instead of staying in town. But as sad and sick and sorry as I am for the students and family at NIU, I'm also filled with a terrible relief that it wasn't here, though it could've been, so easily. He was right here, in this town, at this school

NIU, fuck. Things like that aren't supposed to happen in Dekalb, or in Champaign, these podunk prairie towns. People aren't like that here. How do you look at the people around you the same way, when you know one of your number could do something like this?

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