Jan. 4th, 2008

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I exercised today! I'm very proud of myself. I spent most of the afternoon going from store to store trying to find fat-girl sweatsuits, making up for the time I was losing by parking further away than I had to. The car died once, which was kind of weird. Luckily, I was already in a parking spot. When I started it again, it was fine. I finally got a cute lavender sweatsuit at Catherines, on sale even (and with sparkles!), and went to the gym. The gym, apparently, is closed for renovation. I knew that, but the website said the East Wing was open for students during the renovation. A closer reading would've informed me that by "East Wing" they actually meant "A totally different building that we're giving a clever name to in order to torture and manipulate you."

I never did find the gym, but at least I got fifteen minutes of walking exercise out of it. I'll try again tomorrow. Not wanting to waste my truly fabulous sweatsuit, I went to Family Video, where they let you check out exercise DVDs free. Score! They also let you check out kids DVDs free. Score! I got Kronk's New Groove, an exercise video called Cardio Fusion, and King Kong, just so I'd actually be renting something and not wasting their time. It was fifty cents, because I am a new member. Score! Mike will like King Kong. Then I bought some reduced fat ice cream sandwiches from the Schwans' Man in the parking lot. It was sort of like a drug transaction, but with calorie counts.

I went home, ate an ice cream sandwich, and proceeded to make an utter fool of myself. This video is not aimed at my demographic. I think dancer-type people and people who can do things like balancing on one foot while having their body in a straight line parallel to the ground are who they are going for. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't get into a third of the positions in the warm-up section. But hey, I did what I could, I danced around like a madwoman, I shook it like a holy roller, I waved 'em like I just didn't care, and I got a pretty good workout. The birds laughed at me, and I had to lock Victoria up when she decided she wanted to stand in exactly every space where I was exercising, but I feel good. I also vacuumed the floor, so I actually accomplished two socially redeeming tasks today. I need a break!

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