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Okay, so maybe the updating regularly thing hasn't gone so well, but it's been less than a month this time, so I claim victory! Not too much has been happening, so that's probably why I haven't felt compelled to note it down. Mike starts school again this week though, so that's important and exciting! He's got a workshop tomorrow, and then we're both going to a get-to-know-you barbeque for the department. Probably not going to be as much fun as, say, Pumphandle, but there will be food, and when we visited in the spring, we liked these people pretty well. They gave us good pizza. And hey, Mike's spent the past three years "and spouse"-ing it at this kind of event, I'm sure I'll get by.

No new news on the job front, I'm afraid. Only a couple more weeks till I know my bar exam results, at which point I can stride forward boldly without the nagging fear that I'm going to do all this work, land a job, and then lose it because I didn't pass the bar. Until then, I am half in job hunting mode, half in the familiar "Well, you could always chuck it all and ride the rails" mode that regular readers will probably remember from every time law school exams rolled around. I managed to pull off a cum laude there, so maybe if I just worry about it enough, that will somehow influence my bar exam score. October 3 is the big reveal, so stay tuned! You should probably assume, if I don't update that day, that I've run off to pursue dreams of hobodom.

We survived the big power outage here mostly unscathed, aside from some food in our fridge that was not so good after the better part of two days without electricity. It was one of those times when I blessed my fondness for candles, but was also glad that the Yankee candles were balanced out by the bag of approximately one million teeny unscented tealights I bought for my wax tart warmer. Get about twenty of those suckers burning on a mirror tile and you've got some light! Unscented was very good, since at the end of the night my house already smelled like cucumber-melon-lilac-lavender-lemon-clean-cotton-midnight-seranade-whatever-thats-supposed-to-smell-like-vanilla. It was sort of an odd mixture. Our oven still worked, at least, so I made a homemade chicken, bacon and artichoke pizza that was very nice, and also some spaghetti with cheese and pepperoni. Not terribly good for the old Weight Watchers, but all the ingredients were low fat, and we wanted to use some stuff up in case the power stayed out for too long. We got lucky, the power went up the next day, then down for a blown transformer, then up again by evening. Not bad, considering that the gusts were up to 74 miles an hour, not very usual for Northern Kentucky.

Bellamonte the Loudcat is doing much better than she was last month; she's finally settling in and getting less afraid of people. She's still astoundingly vocal, but now she will also approach to be petted, up to and including walking over my chest when I'm laying down and reading. She and Victoria still don't get along at all, and there's at least one instance of hissing and chasing every night, but at least they can exist in the same room for hours at a time. No word from the foster organization yet on possible placements for her. Kitten season is finally winding down, though, so she won't have quite so much competition. If we could just find a way to get potential adopters to see the good side of her, and not the freakshow performance she puts on when she's in a cage or carrier, I think they could fall in love. I may suck it up and clean the house if it means we can get people over here to see her in a place where she feels comfortable.

Other than that, not too much going on here. Live plant count is down by one, the mystery plant with orange flowers didn't like our front yard, apparently. The others are all good. I can go three miles on the elliptical machine, and gas is below 4 dollars a gallon again. Life is not too bad, overall.
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