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Wow, it's really been five weeks since I updated? Oops! Five very busy weeks too, in which many things have happened! This looks like a job for an 88 Lines About 44 Topics post!

1. Law School
Law school is over, thank God! This last semester was the most miserable of my life. I finally got my grades as well. I got all As and one B. Not too damn bad. But I wouldn't go back for all the inducement in the world.

2. Graduation
My folks and Mike's folks both came out to see me graduate. Allie and I both graduated on the same day, for the third time, but we made it to each others', and my folks saw both. I made a video! http://www.vimeo.com/1176106

3. Party!
My folks threw a graduation party for us in Freeport. It was nice, there was cake and barbecue and lots of people to admire my regalia with the hood and the doctorate stripes. Did you know I'm a DOCTOR?

4. Gifts
Most of my gifts were money, and that was more than all right. That's what's paying our living expenses now, when I am unemployed and Mike's part-timing. I still have thank you cards to write, eep!

5. Picture
One especially meaningful gift was from the staff at school. They pick one student they like to give a huuge laminated class picture to. They gave it to me! I feel well loved. Those ladies are great, and I miss them.

6. Crystal Ball
My aunt Gail gave me a crystal prism that belonged to my grandpa, the rockhound. It's so pretty, and so special. It was like my grandparents were there in that small way. I want to hang it someplace safe.

7. Moving
We moved to Erlanger, Kentucky a week after graduation. The move was grueling, but one professional mover (retired), Mike's four strong nephews, and my family all helped. We lost some furniture to crowding, ah well.

8. Cleaning
The weekend after the move, we went back to Champaign and cleaned. It was difficult, and taught valuable lessons about carpet stains. We're still quibbling with the landlord over our deposit.

9. Erlanger
We really like Erlanger. It's small, but near lots of things, and the weather is generally good. We're close to the PD and FD, the vet's office, grocery store, and Bowl-A-Rama. Hurrah!

10. Our New Apartment
Lost 250sq. ft. in the move, but this place is big enough. Much easier to heat and cool, and its on the first floor, with a patio that I love. The birds have their own room now, and we have windowsills for the plants.

11. Cat Tree
We couldn't bring the couch or loft stairs with us, so we caved and got Victoria a 7ft cat tree. We put it by the sliding glass door, and she is well pleased. Destructive kitteh behavior is way down since we got it.

12. Kitchen
One bad thing about the apartment is the teeny kitchen, even though I made the dining nook into prep space as well. But the lack of space does cut down on the food I buy, which is good.

13. Weight Watchers
Mike and I are still doing Weight Watchers. He has one week left on maintenance before becoming a lifetime member. I have lost 42 pounds since December and am feeling just fine. I press on, for great justice!

14. Exercise
There's a fitness room and a pool right next door, so it's easy to work out. I just need to make myself do it more often! Perhaps after I finish this long-ass update. I need a new swimsuit quite badly.

15. Bar/Bri
Right now I'm taking the Bar/Bri bar exam study course. I am slacking off, as usual, but going to every lecture and doing practice questions. I need to step it up, now that I've recovered from the end of school.

16. Bar Exam
The bar exam is a two-day test, four three-hour blocks, with two hundred multiple choice and twelve essay questions in a dozen subject areas. It's more than a little intimidating, and it's coming up, end of July.

17. On Choosing Courses in Law School
Objectively, I feel I gained a lot from the theory and philosophy courses I took in law school. Now, though, looking at the bar exam, I wish I'd taken more tax, corporations, commercial papers, and partnership stuff.

18. Kentucky Drivers
Kentucky has VERY long stoplights. As a result, drivers do not stop at them. It is important not to take for granted that oncoming traffic will stop, even when your light is green. A driving adventure!

19. Television
Cable internet was the first thing hooked up when we got here, but we skipped cable TV. Our rabbit ears get two channels, one fuzzily. We miss Animal Planet and Mythbusters but we have Netflix.

20. Commuting
We both work evenings, so every evening I take Mike to work and drive myself to school, then come back late at night. 20 mile round trip or so, not bad, and it can be very, very pretty around here. We like the hills.

21. Gas Prices
Also known as the scourge of commuting. Hovering in the high 3.90s here, we're better off than some, especially with our itty bitty car. But it's so expensive, even once a week or ten days.

22. Flowers
I have flowers on my patio now. Three pots I got at a yard sale full, and then a big hanging basket. I love flowers, and I love being low enough that people can see them. We have Allie's patio furniture too, nice!

23. Windchimes
My patio also has the Honduran Windchimes we got as a wedding present. They're massive, six feet tall with a spiral of clay bells and rows of beads, but lovely. And heavy, so not too noisy unless the wind really blows.

24. Wild Birds
This summer I'm getting a shepherd's hook to hang my bird feeder on for Victoria's cat television. Today the birds outside are feasting on a stale baguette we crumbled for them. The cat is terribly interested.

25. Domestic Birds
The birdlings are well and happy here, the lovies got their new big cage, with new toys, and the budgies are easygoing. I'm vacuuming often in their room, and trying to keep things cleaner and nicer in this house.

26. Adoptable Birds
It's just as well we decided on no more birds after the avian yeast business. Craigslist here is full of people dumping birds, and we could have 20 by now if I wasn't being abstentious. 10 is enough!

27. Jonathan Coulton
Last weekend we saw Jonathan Coulton play in Columbus. We were front row, and it was wonderful. He is my new favorite singer, and I play him in the car all the time. Today's title's from one of his songs.

28. Paul and Storm
Coulton's opening act was Paul and Storm, two members of DaVinci's Notebook (Enormous Penis, anyone?) They were excellent and hilarious. It was really the perfect concert, and we bought their excellent CD.

29. Far From Home
It is kind of weird being so far from family. We don't know anyone here, so we just have each other. I miss my family, but they're coming through to visit in July, and that'll be nice. Mike's folks visit next week!

30. Making New Friends
Ideally in this new place, I would make friends and find people to hang out with/exchange petsitting/carpool, etc. But I'm not good at that. It took me two years at Knox to start making friends, and that was in dorms!

31. Gaming
I also really miss gaming. Mike and I play some two person stuff, and I've got one online game on the Portal, but everything else is kaput. I'd love to tabletop again, but that also requires meeting people. Alas.

32. Cleaning
I'm trying in this new house to keep things cleaner, despite my horrendous laziness. We do laundry more often, and hang things up, and vacuum. I suck about dishes and taking trash out though. Still got work to do.

33. Mike's Job
Mike is working at a call survey place, much nicer than trying to sell people stuff on the phone. He works late nights, while I'm studying, then we stay up late and sleep in. Cool beans!

34. Beans
Lately refried beans is my favorite meal. A can of fat free refried beans with lots of salsa, fat free sour cream, and reduced fat cheese is so delicious and filling! It is the secret to my success.

35. Torrent
After years of resistance, I finally learned how to torrent, and how to read .iso files. Don't worry, I'm not pirating, it's all original content, yey! Now I need to get a burnable DVD and BURN THINGS!

36. Costumes
While moving, we discovered a number of costume pieces that had fallen into our possession, most notably after the Ren Faire trip last summer. I think most of them are Reid's, especially that fur vest thingy.

37. Indoor Plants
We lost a couple indoor plants to the move, but the ones that survived are thriving. The philodendron and peace lily from Lauren are doing very well, and the polka dot plant is as weird and mutant as ever.

38. Pictures
In this house, I finally got around to framing and hanging family pictures in our hallway, very homey. Maybe it's more important now that we're so far away. But they really look nice, and like people live here.

39. Dumpster Diving
So far we have dumpster-dived a dresser and an exercise machine from our complex, both of which are coming in very handy. I'd love to see a decent sofa or another recliner pop up sometime. We finally had to cave and buy a bookcase to make up for the seven we couldn't take. Most of our books are stored in the attic now.

40. Eastern Time
It's been a little weird getting used to Eastern Time, but not as odd as I might have thought. Probably helps that I'm not watching any national TV with multiple time zones. A freakish alternate Eastern Dimension!

41. Unpacking
We're nearly unpacked here, but it's the last bits that are hardest. Two suitcases and two boxes are most of what's left, but there's no place to put anything, especially this random crap. Maybe they can be decorative.

42. Pounds I have lost
Did I mention I lost 42 pounds? I'm just going to brag on that. All my clothes are getting too big now, sometimes comically so. When it comes time for interviews, it will also come time for shopping.

43. My friends
I miss all you guys I used to see everyday and now never see. I wish we could visit more often, and that we didn't all live so far apart. At least we have the internet, cause I suck at writing letters.

44. Livejournal
I've been on LJ for six years now. It's been a chronicle of the most important, most changeful years of my life. I just need to keep updating the damn thing so it'll be something to treasure when I am old.
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